What causes these medical problems

In America today health care is a big problem. Many people today are not in very good shape, this is why so many people have medical problems. With a large part of the population over weight this adds to the health problems. Just look at the food that most people eat today, the foods are prepared in fast food places with oils, salts and sugars added, or they grab some salty snacks and munch on the run. Most foods that you buy come with so much added ingredients in them. Next time you eat something, just look at the calories chart, and see how much salt is in it, or what about all that cholesterol, and we must not forget about the sugars. These are the 3 main additives that cause so much health concerns. Most people just grab something and eat it, never even thinking about what is in the food they are eating. If you start reading the label on things you eat, youll soon understand why half the population is over weight. Herbal medicine and vitamins can help reverse this process of being over weight and out of shape, plus these herbs make you feel full.

Other health concerns come from things people are doing like smoking, drinking alcohol, recreational drugs, or even all the prescription medications the doctors hand out. People just take this stuff not knowing what it will do to you 20 years down the road we are all being medical experiments for the long run. The doctors should prescribe more herbal medicine, and less of these new prescription drugs just developed. One of the problems is that all the large Pharmacys have the doctors in their pocket. They give these drugs to the doctors and tell the physicians to hand out free pills to see if they help your problem.

Another contributing factor to someones heath is smoking. When a person smokes, they know their chance of getting some kind of illness is likely if they smoke for a life time. When they started smoking it was never going to be for 20 years, they said to their self, Ill just quit later when I get older or married, but nobody ever thinks quitting smoking is going to be hard, till they start trying to stop smoking. Even when a person is over weight, they seem to put it off until tomorrow, thinking they can wait until next month to start trying to lose weight. Thats the problem with people today they put things off till tomorrow. But sooner or later if people do these things, they will have medical problems.

Pain pills of many kinds can cause liver damage, and especially drinking alcohol, even all these drugs that some people do. All these chemicals going in the body, no wonder people have stomach problems, liver problems, lung problems, fatigue, mental issues, acne, bowl problems, and many other problems.

There is some good news about some of these medical problems. There are natural remedies that God gives us, in herbal medicine. Herbal medicine is natural herbs grown from around the world. Herbal medicine is chemical free and has many uses in the world today. Natural remedies are safe, chemical free and have natural healing powers. If it was made buy God it must be ok. People must start paying attention to their body, before they lose their body.