What Are The Symptoms Of Colon Cancer

Colon cancer symptoms are not apparent all times, in particular in the initial stages of development of cancer cells. Learning briefly about what is colon cancer helps you in better understanding of colon cancer symptoms.

Colon forms major part of the digestive system of the body and plays an important role in absorption of essential nutrition and water, thus facilitating good health. Further, colon also assists in removing the toxic substance and body waste through stool or as stool. Major portion of large intestine is comprised of Colon. Development of cancerous cells or malignant tumors in the colon is referred as colon cancer. Let us see the colon cancer symptoms in detail.

As stated earlier, colon cancer symptoms are not apparent in the initial stages and can be detected only when it is progressed to advanced stage. However, with deep and intense screening, it is possible to detect the signs of colon cancer.

Symptoms of colon cancer can be classified into two types namely local symptoms and systemic symptoms. Former is associated with digestive system and the later affects the entire body. Some of the symptoms of colon cancer found to be sings of other health conditions and illnesses, in particular the local symptoms. Proper diagnosis helps in detecting the cancerous growth.

Bloody stool: Blood discharge in the stool is the most common and apparent symptom of Colon cancer. However, bloody discharge is associated with some other health conditions. Moreover, the stool gets discharged in red color like bloody discharge when you eat beetroot or watermelon. Eventually, the condition can be diagnosed by Fecal occult blood test.

Constipation: It is rare sign of colon cancer and it is associated with many digestive illnesses. Constipation at frequent intervals and chronic constipation might be dangerous, because such condition is usually developed when the growth of cancer cells obstruct discharging stool.

Diarrhea / watery stool: Since the colon is obstructed by cancer tissues, it becomes difficult in discharging normal stool and lead towards watery stool, ribbon like stools and chronic diarrhea.

Unusual bowel movements: Irritable and unusual bowel movement with swollen abdomen is one of the obvious symptoms of colon cancer, where there will be a sensation of fullness of stomach, even when it is empty. And it is caused due to growth of cancer cells in colon and digestive system.

Fatigue: Fatigue and general weakness is a common problem experienced by almost everyone. But, continuous fatigue and weariness for several days is the apparent symptom of a severe health condition. Colon cancer symptoms include fatigue associated with anemic condition which is caused due to loss of blood in stool and diarrhea.

Pain in the abdomen: Difficult in discharging stool, bowel movements, fullness of stomach, blocked digestive system due to tumor cells, etc lead towards abdominal pain.

Other colon cancer symptoms include the following:
Unexpected and accidental weight loss without involvement of diet or any other weight loss plans
Loss of energy and extreme weariness
Anaemic condition or iron deficiency with much low counts of red blood cells
Loss of appetite

Since most of the colon cancer symptoms can be realized only in the advanced stage, where the tumors affect the entire digestive system, it is good to get appropriate diagnosis with several medical examinations, when one or more signs mentioned above are experienced. Earlier detection of colon cancer can prevent the development of cancer cells and enhance the survival rate.