Vitamins for Menopause

Vitamins and minerals are great ways for coping with menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, and they also help combat negative long-term effects of menopause including heart disease and osteoporosis. Dr. David Katz says that declining estrogen levels during menopause influence everything from bone health to heart functions, which is why it is important to get the proper vitamins and nutrients. Here is the rundown of the best vitamins for menopause, which will benefit both your mind and body.

1? Vitamin A- not only will this vitamin help maintain normal eye and skin functions, but it also fights urinary tract and vaginal infections caused by decreased levels of estrogen. You can check this information by your Tablet PC. 2?Vitamin C-This vitamin superstar fights infections, serves as an antioxidant, can reduce hot flashes, and boosts collagen production, which often decreases during menopause.

3?Magnesium-Many women experience fatigue when they enter the beginning phases of menopause, and this supplement works to boost energy levels. It is also important for bone health and it fights migraines.

In addition to taking vitamins, Dr. Katz also recommends getting enough exercise and eating well, as many of the best vitamins for menopause can be found in foods like fruit and vegetables. By consuming enough of the right nutrients, not only are you decreasing your health risks but you are also improving your mental and physical well-being.