Reasons Why There Is So Much Skin Cancer Now Days

Struggling with skin cancer because youve been in the sun too much and are blaming the sun? Despite what were told, thats not quite true even though we believe the sun is our enemy and is the reason why there is so much skin cancer today. Weve had decades of campaigns urging us to avoid the sun, stay in the shade, use sunscreens and generally have as little to do with the sun as possible yet the rate of skin cancer is still increasing.

For something that provides life on this earth the sun has received an enormous amount of bad press lately. There was a time when this disease of skin cancer didnt exist and that was only a few years ago so why is it causing such a problem now. One thing that skin cancer is doing now days is enjoying a great boon and there are plenty of people reaping the benefits from it. Have you ever noticed how many skin cancer clinics have sprung up in the last few years?

The bottom line is, the sun is not our enemy and its actually our friend as life for all living creatures including humans wouldnt exist without it. Its not the sun thats entirely to blame for the problem of skin cancer as the sun hasnt changed and the ozone layer that protects us from harmful radiation from the suns rays is only a problem over the Antarctic where nobody lives. So what is causing so much skin cancer?

Cancer may develop in any place on the body where theres been an irritation and while excessive sunburn can cause an irritation and blemishes to appear there are other factors that cause these blemishes to grow. What has changed in the last few years is our diet and its our poor diet that is contributing to skin cancer which includes melanomas.

We need the sun everyday for the sun has amazing healing powers. A few minutes of sun exposure everyday on our bare skin heals cancer rather than causes it. We get important vitamin D from the sun which helps us absorb nutrients from the food we eat, especially calcium which is important for a cancer patient. It also helps us maintain the health of our bones and teeth. Other ways to get the recommended daily intake of vitamin D is from food such as oily fish and, to a lesser extent egg yolk, and meat such as liver. Also in some places milk has been fortified with the vitamin D.

While over exposure to the suns rays can be harmful, especially to a light skin person, 10 to 15 minutes of the suns rays on our face, arms or legs everyday does have amazing healing qualities. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with either skin cancer or a melanoma its important to get a little sunlight on your bare skin everyday. That will help strengthen the immune system and will allow the body to fight and remove the cancer.

Typically conventional treatments for skin cancer focus on the symptom of the problem, which is the cancer growth. Learn about real cures that focus on the cause of the problem, that is why the cancer first appeared. Address that problem and the cancer will never come back. The reason why it commonly returns now days is because there is nothing in surgery, radiation or chemotherapy that will stop it from returning as they are only attempting to removing growths.

Our medical system can not match the astonishing healing powers of a healthy diet, a little exercise and some sensible natural sunlight.