Postpone Menopause through Healthy Lifestyle and Hormone Therapy

Menopause entails a period of extreme discomfort, emotional fluctuations, mental nuisance, and loss of energy amongst women. For many years this has been considered a frightening episode in women’s life. Good thing that today, this remarkable transition can be delayed through healthy lifestyle and proper medical assistance. If you intend to prevent the onset symptoms of this, you may consider doing the following ways.

First, you must be conscious of your diet. Make sure to include soy food in your daily meals for its isoflavones content act like estrogen hormones which postpone menopause. You may also eat more vegetables and meat, but shun away from fatty products.

Second, you may consider using certain herbs like black kohosh and dong quai. These have high levels of natural phytoestrogens which increase estrogen hormones in the bloodstream. Mix these powdered herbs to at least three cups of your daily water intake to ensure sufficient dose. You can also take vitamin E supplements which are effective anti oxidants that prevent aging and substitute to estrogen.

Third, keep an active lifestyle. Take time to exercise every morning. You can jog, run, and walk around the village with your family and friends. You may also consider doing aerobic exercises to improve your breathing and blood flow. It is also better if you could quit smoking and drinking alcohol beverages.

Lastly, undergoing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can be the best way to delay menopause. It provides estrogen and progesterone to keep hormonal production normal. It helps prevent weight gain through stabilizing one’s metabolism that naturally slows down during menopausal period. It also lessens erratic periods, night sweats, and hot flashes.

With this bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, women can likewise minimize their depression and anxiety. Even vaginal dryness is postponed to stabilize their sex drives. It also keeps their bones dense and healthy to resist from diseases accompanied by aging like osteoporosis.

Indeed, with healthy lifestyle and sufficient bioidentical hormone therapy, every woman can postpone the onset of menopause and lessen the difficulty its symptoms imply. Try to apply these to your daily routine and experience remarkable wellness in no time. You may seek a professional advice from your physician to further assist your condition.