New Alternative Colon Cancer Treatment Options

Colon cancer is also recognized as colorectal cancer. Tumors in the colon are slow growing, but could eventually become large enough to obstruct the digestive tract. This cancer is known as one of the deadliest cancers and account for a large number of deaths. Colon cancer develops in 4 phases, each intense than the other. Early detection of colon cancer helps in curing the disease. The disease itself is mostly diagnosed through colonoscopy. Surgery is the main treatment for this disease according conventional medicine, although a number of colon cancer treatment options are available these days through alternative medicine.

Smoking, drinking alcohol in excess, inappropriate diet is considered the prime risk factors in support of this disease. There are several diverse tests accessible to detect this disease. Digital rectal exam, fecal occult blood test, endoscopy are some of them. For times surgery and chemotherapy have been the conventionall treatments for this disease. These days, new colon cancer alternative treatments are accessible.

Ozone Therapy: The goal of this treatment is to create in our body and body cells rich in oxygen. The supply of oxygen is completed by exposing the body to the ozone layer or hydrogen peroxide. The major hypothesis of this therapy is that the disease causing cancer cells cannot flourish on high oxygen concentrations. Thus the cancer cells die when exposed to oxygen. Colon cancer alternative treatment – read more to know about new methods to cure this cancer

Gerson Therapy: This treatment is a type of organic treatment that has been in make use of for the last six decades. In this therapy, raw organic juices are given to patients suffering the disease. Apart from this juice, coffee enemas are used along with other food supplements. Gerson therapy pushes the toxins into the blood stream and eliminates them. This ultimately makes the body void of toxic substances that cause deadly cancer. This therapy is one of the mainly admired alternative methods to treat this deadly disease.

The cure within one minute therapy: This treatment is similar to the first one that we discuss. The only difference is that this one can be administered at home in less than one minute. It is what we called “The Self-Administered Oxygen Therapy”. According to studies they discovered that, microbes, harmful bacteria, and viruses, cancer, heart disease do not cause the disease by themselves. They just flourish in their natural habitat the oxygen – depleted environment. At the moment the environment in our body or our cells is depleted of oxygen it becomes acidic and normally all kinds of viruses and harmful bacteria thrive and reproduce drastically. The cells in our body with abundant supply of oxygen cannot be inhabited by all kinds of diseases, viruses and cancer cells. Therefore, the highly recommended first line of defense is to always keep our bodies oxygenated with the “ONLY NATURAL OXYGENATING SUBSTANCE”. Take the time to discover and get to learn the proper instructions of how to implement the self-administered oxygen therapy.