Natural remedy for menopause

Hormone replacement therapy is a main concern for women at menopause. Many of these women wonder about the ramifications of using this therapy in order to ease the menopausal symptoms. We know that many reports related to the risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy lead to a confuse situation. That is why menopausal women seek for the ultimate menopause natural remedy. We should know that there is evidence about the properties of supplements and foods that act as a menopause natural remedy that are gentle on the system but also effective for some menopausal symptoms.

There are several options for women that use a menopause natural remedy. A common example of how natural treatments can be used in easing the symptoms of menopause is the promotion of sleep. It is known that most of the menopausal women have problems with sleeping for many reasons. The most common strategy involves sleeping pills so women could get some rest. This strategy is not frequently used by doctors because sleeping pills can have negative effects especially in case of a prolonged period. That is why in many cases natural products such as melatonin are prescribed to combat insomnia. Saw pimento is also used as a natural remedy for easing menopause symptoms such as night sweats that interfere with the sleep cycle. Other nutritional supplements are used for a restful sleep. Among them we have to remember Kava and Valerian root.

Another problem that is frequently seen in menopausal women is the mood swigs that might create pandemonium in their lives. Mood swings can be a problem not only for menopausal women but for their family members too and may go as far as creating a tense and strained home life. We know that estrogen and progesterone are used to improve some of the conditions that lead to mood swings but we should also know that there are some natural remedies too. Herbs and supplements can also reduce stress and might lead to stability and calm when it comes to intrapersonal relationships. St. John’s Work is considered a natural remedy for mood stabilizing menopause, and so is Passion Flower, which is known to have potential in producing calming effects on menopausal women.

When a women reaches menopause it is good for her to know that she is prone to bladder infections because of the changes that occur during this period. Many of these women can notice that they have problems with controlling the flow of urine. For these conditions the most effective natural remedy is believed to be Echinacea and also Uva Ursi. These herbs are effective in combating both bladder infections and menopausal symptoms.