Methods To Treat Deep Acne Scars

Before knowing various types of treatment methods to cure acne scars, you should first have a fairly good idea about the origin, causes and types of acne scars.

Acne is a serious skin condition which appears irrespective of any skin type, age or sex of a person. In many cases it heals without leaving any scars, but in cases of severe, cystic and inflamed acne permanent scars are often left out. Such scarring can give a very old look to your skin and the skin may also lose its elasticity over the time.

That is, the scars can also alter your mental as well as over all personality. Generally there are two causes of acne scars. The first is the increase in tissue formation due to collagen build up in the skin. They are also known as keloids scars. It is believe that keloid scars are generally genetical. The second cause is loss in tissue formation. Such scars are more common. Further there are several types of acne scars: ice pick scars, atrophic macules, superficial and deep soft scars and depressed fibrotic scars.

There are many popular methods to cure acne scars. 5 successful methods to cure acne scars are:

CHEMICAL PEELS: These peels are helpful for treating only the minor and small type of scars. They are neither helpful in treating icepick scars nor the deep rooted ones.

DERMABRASION: Dermabrasion is a highly developed method to treat the deep rooted acne scars and when combined with punch excision it can also treat the minor type of acne scars. In this method the skin is physically removed, so after the method you require appropriate rest.

LASER TREATMENT: This is a relatively newer method to treat acne scars but is very effective. Here light rays are passed on to your skin to kill the defective skin cells. The method is quite successful to treat even the complex type of scars.

COLLAGEN INJECTION: This treatment is basically meant for leveling the surface of the skin and bringing it to the normal level. It injects protein in the human body and thus fills the area left deep by a superficial type of acne.

AUTOLOGOUS FAT TRANSFER: Scars caused due to nodulocystic acne are treated by this method. Here fat from the other parts of the body are cut out and injected into those areas where deep wholes are left due to acne.

But before going for any of these acne scar treatments you should first consult a dermatologist. As, it is very important to use the treatment that is best suitable for your type of acne scars. And the skin specialist is the only person who can offer you the best advice on this.