Menopause Supplements From Boots – Which One Is A Worthy Buy

Menopause Supplements From Boots

Boots is a pharmacy store based in Britain. It has chain stores in all major towns and cities. A great number of people go to Boots for prescriptions as well as over-the-counter medications.

Boots has more than 10 products that claim to offer menopause relief.

My article looks at these supplements in detail and aims to help you choose the best choice.

How Effective Are They?

12 top-selling supplements for menopause in Boots all contain helpful herbal ingredients.

One of the most effective ingredients for menopause relief is isoflavones, which can be found in soy and red clover. Most of the supplements for menopause in Boots contain soy extracts for its isoflavones content.

However, red clover is actually a better source; because it has 4 classes of isoflavones, while soy has only 2. Red clover is found in 2 menopause supplements in Boots.

These supplements seem to be missing the main element in menopause relief – mixed herbal extracts.

These products from Boots contain maximum 3 beneficial ingredients. If you are looking for effective relief, supplements containing various herbal extracts may be a better solution.

Complex Formulas – A Better Solution

There are two reasons why mixed herbal extracts are better in treating menopause symptoms than single ingredients.

Firstly, most women experience more than one symptom during menopause. While the supplements in Boots seem to be focusing on particular symptoms only, such as poor sleep and hot flashes, women in menopause need a complex formula that can combat several complaints at the same time.

For example, a great number of women experience decreasing libido, memory lapses, depression and other debilitating problems in menopause. A multiple-herb formula can effectively tackle these issues all at the same time and improve the overall menopausal experience.

Secondly, when combined in a synergistic and scientific way, herbal ingredients can enhance each other’s effectiveness and become more powerful in reducing symptoms.

For example, according to studies at the University of London, piperine from black pepper extract can enhance delivery of active ingredients in drugs and supplements and make them more effective.

The Good News For Menopausal Women

The good news is that there are quality menopause supplements that can treat your menopause symptoms more effectively with powerful and clinically proven ingredients.

You can visit my website today for a detailed report on the menopause supplements in Boots as well as more reviews on good-quality supplements.