Maintain Your Cat’s Health With These Simple Tips

Your cat relies on you to help her stay healthy. After all you feed her, take care of her and make all of the decisions for her. Like us humans, cats need certain things to help them foster a strong immune system and maintain overall health. There are a few areas you can focus on to help her stay healthy.

Food Is Your Cat’s Foundation

Like us cats need a healthy diet to thrive. What you choose to feed your cat can have a strong impact on her health. Her food is her nutritional foundation. Some cats have a pretty strong system but others can have reactions to some of the ingredients found in conventional cat foods, so it is important to choose healthy cat foods for her.

If you don’t know how to read cat food labels it can be difficult to decipher what is really healthy and what may not be so healthy. Look for labels that have more ingredients that you can pronounce and for foods that have whole food ingredients listed at the front. Avoid foods that have a lot of unnamed byproducts. Typically companies who make organic and natural cat food use better ingredients, so if you are unsure of what to buy start with natural or organic cat foods.

The other thing to consider is whether you should feed her wet food or dry food. Dry food is definitely easier, but some cats don’t do as well on dry food only. For best results feed your cat wet food or at least a mix of wet and dry. By nature they rely on their food to get some of their water. Cats with urinary problems should eat wet cat food.

Don’t Forget The Water

Access to a couple of bowls of fresh water is also an important way to maintain your cat’s health, especially if she has had urinary problems in the past. Keep the bowls in different places. Cats often like to drink in a different place than where they eat. If your cat isn’t drinking enough even though you have a couple places for her to drink consider a fountain. Cats like to drink moving water.

Cats Need Exercise Too

Your cat also needs regular exercise, just like you, to stay healthy. They also need the exercise for mental stimulation. Cats can get bored and depressed without this. Play with your cat everyday, even if just for a little bit. This can be a fun time for you as well; cats can be pretty entertaining when they play. Try rotating toys so she doesn’t get bored.