How to Install Audi A6 DVD Navigation System

Some people who have a Audi A6 want to upgrade the in-dash CD player and radio, so they go to an online website to purchase a audi a6 navigation for their car, after receiving the A6 navigation, there’s another question, how to install it in my car? It’s not difficult to install the audi a6 navigation actually, just follow the steps as follows.

The audi a6 navigation features as follows:

with 7.0 inch digital car dvd player(800*480)subwoofer output can support steering wheel control(CAN BUS+air conditioner agreement) gps navigation function built-in, igo gps maps Bluetooth:BT-music,phonebook,call Compatible with DVD,VCD,CD,MP3,MPEG4,CD-R,WMA and JPEG playbacks windows ce6.0 core, arm11 latest cpu USB, SD, iPOD function included

How to install the Audi A6 navigation DVD?

1. Firstly, we need to remove the original audi a6 cd player dashboard, find 4 special keys to push it into the hole between the dash and cd player.

2. Push the 4 special keys(you may find it from your local dealer) into the hole, then you can pull the original cd player/radio out easily.

3. Here is a picture from the rear of the original radio, you can see the plug after pulling it out.

4. Plug the power cables(from seller: car dvd player) with the rear power connector, then fix the bracket in the main unit

5. If you need the mini-screen displays, you should connect the Bluetooth cable well, and also connect other cables to the interface on the rear of the main unit.

6. After cables connected, push the audi a6 navigation unit into the housing, in order to fix it with the dashboard you can press the edge of it. That’s all.

Once have the A6 navigation dvd installed, you can enjoy driving on the road, your passengers can also have a good time in the car in a boring trip. It can play dvds, mp3s, you can also drive to anywhere with this decent navigation system.

With our steps above, you can intall it quickly and easily, the method is also suitable for other car DVD players, because they are all installing into the dashboard and you can undertand for all.