Home Remedies for Acne

Due to excessive production of sebum in sebaceous glands and continuous hormonal change, this may clog the pores that could contribute to acne, in addition stress, dust, grease and bacteria could aggravate your acne appearance. Surely, if this terrible and annoying situation come, you will do all out effort to get rid of them, otherwise your self confidence and social life will damage. You should treat your acne properly, since it may leave you scars. Actually, if you just have mild acne you don’t have to use medical treatment to heal them, they can be treated with home remedies.

Along with natural homemade treatment you apply to cure your acne, you should drink a lot of fresh water, this will help to detoxify our body, when amount of toxins in your body is overwhelming, consequently, your skin force toxin out of your body, and surely this will amplify the possibility to cause acne on your skin. Especially drink water when your stomach still empty.

Some of the commonly used home remedies for acne scars are:

Apply some of your tooth paste around the infected areas before you sleep, this will reduce the swelling of your pimple, and the next morning you’ll see the immediate effect. Rose water and lemon juice, you apply mix lemon juice and rose water, constantly on your face, let it till dry until 30 minutes then rinse off, this will not only get rid of acne but also lightening the skin blemishes. Milk mixed with nutmeg can be a powerful paste to clear away your acne You can apply sandalwood paste mixed with rose water on your scars Honey has medical effect and could make your scars disappear if you apply it constantly. You can also use olive oil to remove pimple

Acne home remedy actually can only be applied on mild acne, and in early time. Consistence practice and patience will gradually remove your acne.

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