Get Secured For Life With Cashless Health Insurance

Eating disorder and zero attention towards lifestyle are causing a steady wreck in the overall health condition of today’s youth. From obesity to high blood pressure and diabetes to cardiac problems, poor nutrition continues to affect a growing percentage of people, especially the young workforce of a country. There has been a parallel growth of awareness among individuals and that’s one of the reasons why the demand for a comprehensive health insurance policy is on the rise. Looking at the state of affairs and the escalating cost of treatment, each of us wants to shield ourselves against uncertainties.

Since health-related emergencies can crop up at the most vulnerable time, it is advisable to choose cashless health insurance plan so that you don’t come under the obligation of shelling out money when you and your family is in distress. A cashless policy comes with a host of benefits. You are entitled to cashless hospitalisation, which means all medical expenses covered under the policy will be settled by the insurance provider directly with the hospital. You get a wide network of hospitals to choose from where cashless hospitalisation is applicable. The idea of walking into the hospital during emergency, without having to bother about arranging money, is so much assuring.

An all-inclusive policy provides coverage for medical expenses incurred during hospitalisation, which includes room charges, doctor’s fee, medicines bills, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Almost every health plan covers the cost incurred 30 days prior to the hospitalisation and 60 days post discharge. Insurance providers also take care of day care expenses, which include the cost of advanced surgeries and procedures and requiring less than a day’s hospitalisation. Whether you are an individual or you have a family to take care, withcashless health insuranceyou can breathe a sigh of relief. The insured members of the family can also save the cost of pathological tests if they are being done at designated diagnostic centers.

It is always better to think of a secured plan when you are young so that you dont have to worry at the later stages of life. Low premium rate is another compelling reason why young individuals opt for health policies. It helps the insured at a time when he or she may not have immediate liquid money to pay for medical expenses. Not to forget the income tax benefit you can avail on the premium paid as per Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. However, before you zero in on insurance policy make sure that you have read the policy document carefully. To make the most out of your policy, assess the overall limits under the policy that you have chosen and also the range of coverage.