Flexaway System Of Facial Exercise Helps You Get Rid Of Deep Lines And Wrinkles As Well As Lifting Your Face.

Facial exercises are not as simple as merely squinching your face up and wiggling it this way and that, as the uninitiated might imagine. Some movements are good while others actually break down the underpinings of the face and neck permanently. This is why the old debate over whether facial exercises are good or bad rages on and will continue to do so until both sides step back and recognize they are are both right.

Getting rid of deep facial lines and wrinkles is not easy and in some cases impossible even for the skilled cosmetic surgeon. Marionette lines, so named because they resemble the lines on a puppet which allow the mouth to open and close, are one example. No method known is 100% effective in correcting this condition but the Flexaway System does go a long way to reverse and prevent it by retraining the lower jaw to relax in a slightly forward position so as to prevent clenching the teeth, a major culprit behind this unsightly condition. For a quick visual demonstration of how the Flexaway System achieves this, look in your mirror with your teeth together in a natural position. Now part your teeth and slide your jaw forward just slightly. See how those ugly lines softened dramatically? Over time the Flexaway System will make this position normal without throwing your dental bite off in the least. The jaw will be in this forward position only when relaxed, not while chewing. This is because the Flexaway System is configured in such a way that your jaw is forced into a forward position while you flex. Any Periodontist worth respecting will tell you that avoiding clenching and grinding your teeth will go a long way toward preventing tooth loss later in life.


Wrinkles are regarded as the harbinger of all things dreaded, so it is no wonder their appearance saps much of the energy and exuberance we blame on our age. Your eyes have sent a be-on-the-lookout to every cell in your body: “Get ready to kiss the world goodbye.” Don’t let anyone tell you that spending time and effort to look young is all silly vanity. It’s also about feeling good and staying happy to trick those incalculable little cells into believing that life is great, each and every time you glimpse your face in the mirror. As the saying goes, “Take the mind, the body will follow.”


Double chin and neck therapy are generally combined into one set of facial exercises, and can be a slippery slope if you buy into the wrong system. First off, avoid any system that calls for dropping your head back while opening and closing your lower jaw. This method is certain to stretch the skin so that it hangs on the neck causing an unsightly condition known as turkey neck.

Squeezing a rubber ball or pushing down on a spring gadget under the chin are two methods that claim to reduce double chin, but neither are as effective or as cheap as
placing your knuckles firmly under your jaw and while forcing your lower jaw to open and close. Dentists have long recommended this method to people with chewing disorders because it is so effective at strengthing jaw muscles. And it doesn’t cost a penny.

Beverly Ibes, who holds the patent on the Flexaway System of Facial Exercise, says that the most common question
she gets is how can a facial exerciser operated by the mouth do anything to lift drooping eyelids, eyebrows, and sunken eyes.
She explains it this way: When doing body pushups, only your arms are actually in motion but the muscles in the entire body are engaged nonetheless. It is the same with the Flexaway System.