Emr Software & Healthcare Organizations

Whether you’re in a clinical setting, healthcare billing center or administrative department, you should only have one healthcare document management, medical record scanning or imaging solution. No more hunting, searching, or waiting for information. With high quality EMR software solutions, you can enjoy direct access from your healthcare software including your EMR or HIS, allowing you to make the best care decisions for your patients and improve your bottom line.

Quality document management companies have the ability to convert all your patient file folders (patient records) into electronic images and upload them directly into your EMR. They can also create an automated front-end capture solution that reduces manual indexing, with automatic updates to your patient billing system and patient image storage for company-wide retrieval.

Electronic Medical Records System & EMR Software
Healthcare organizations use EMR software to manage the business activities of their organizations, store medical records, or even drive an entire medical practice. It’s time to unite your healthcare management systems and documents. A quality document management company’s electronic medical records system allows you to scan, store, organize, and retrieve critical patient records quickly and easily. Eliminate the time you spend locating and delivering charts while at the same time improving patient care by making vital health records accessible from any location – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

EMR software converts paper files to electronic documents and automates manual processes. Content outside of your EMR – paper, forms, faxes, graphics, photos, and clinical images – can be hard for an EMR to include in a patient record. EMR software captures these missing pieces of the patient record with ease so you can extend interoperability within and between hospitals. After integrating your electronic medical records with EMR software, you’ll never need to go anywhere else to get what you need.

It’ll all be just a single mouse-click away within your electronic medical records system.
When you integrate your EMR software with a quality document management platform, physicians, nurses, and staff have thousands of additional documents and images at their fingertips. EMR software integration:

-Creates unified electronic medical records. Connect data and documents for a fully unified EMR.
-Gives you more time with patients. Simply click a link in the EMR and all relevant patient information opens immediately. This allows you the extra time to give patients more attention.
-Speeds up the revenue cycle. Decrease deficiencies and delinquent charts with simultaneous chart analysis and coding processes. Bills get out sooner and the revenue cycle is faster.
-Creates interoperability between and among healthcare organizations. Reach beyond simple data exchange to collaborate and share information regardless of location or facility, vendor or machine, file type or origin.

Contact your local document management company for more information about how your healthcare organization can use EMR software to scan, store, organize and retrieve critical patient records quickly and easily. With high quality document management solutions, you can enjoy direct access to your healthcare software and improve your bottom line.