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The Origins Of Alternative Medicine

The origins of alternative medicine, also known as holistic medicine, can be traced back thousands of years to the very roots of medicine. Many millennia ago, physicians or healers would assess the sick persons emotional condition in addition to their physical symptoms before beginning treatment. The roots of alternative medicine deal with the symptoms of the whole person, not merely the physical signs of illness. This is radically different from traditional medicine today.

In medicine today, people demand to be cured immediately, and the demand for medicines and treatments that do so is very high. Most physicians today are trained to assess physical symptoms and base treatments on that, without much consideration of the persons emotional or intellectual state.

Since its inception, alternative medicine has survived the ages and stages of the field of medicine. Despite the prevalence of modern medical practices, there are still millions of people worldwide that take advantage of alternative treatments for ailments or well-being. Some of these alternative treatments include massage therapy, herbal remedies, and meditation. Massage is one of the most long-standing forms of alternative treatment, and it is highly popular today as a treatment for aches and pains, and as a means of stress release and relaxation. Most people probably dont even think about massage as a type of alternative medicine.

Through the ages, every society has used their own forms of alternative medicines and treatments. There is over 5000 years of history and many types of treatments that were used far and wide, and many traditional medical treatments can even find their roots in alternative medicine from long ago.

Long ago in Europe, medical issues were treated by one of two types of healers, the physicians or the folk healers. The folk healers appealed to the poorer factions of society, in that they used natural treatments that were more affordable and easier to come by. Folk healers were often highly respected in these underprivileged sections of society. Folk healers often incorporated philosophy and religious faith into their healing practices, which helped to strengthen a sick persons mind and spirit, as well as his body.

Eventually, folk medicine evolved into the traditional medicine we are familiar with in todays world. With each passing century, many great advances have been made in treatments and cures for various diseases and conditions.

Despite the dominance of traditional medicine in the world today, there is still a place for alternative medicine. It is alive and well, and used by many people around the world through massage therapy, acupuncture, aromatherapy, herbal remedies, meditation, and many other forms of alternative treatments. Many physicians now support many of these treatments, making them less alternative.

The origins of alternative medicine were very forward thinking. Alternative medicine has survived through the millennia because it has real validity, despite a great deal of ridicule through the ages. Though they do not have the immediate effect that many drugs and treatments of traditional medicine, they are a feasible option for a person to consider.

Genital Warts Medicine

Many people today than ever are getting contaminated with all sought of venereal or sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV infection.

As a result, many campaigns of health matters have put more emphasis on the above illness than any other one. For instance, genital warts information and awareness effort are nothing in comparison to AIDS.

Nevertheless, the good news is that when present, the HPV virus can be controlled through genital wart medication that clears the signs.

May be I should say that in my opinion, this disorder can be prevented best by not having intercourse at all.

This is because the irresponsible intercourse with infected persons will absolutely result to genital infections such as this one. When one contracts this condition, he might show up initial signs after the HPV incubation period. Before even one visits the doctor for testing or diagnosis, one must learnt of handle the warts properly so as to spread them to other parts of his body.

This is fundamental genital wart medicine that everyone should be capable of swallowing. It would also be very necessary for the victims to postpone intimacy indefinitely or until the warts clears.

If you must do this even with treatment underway, then you must make sure that you use protection such as a condom so that you do not end up contaminating more people.

You must always be very vigilant about ever ignoring your body changes as far as this discussion is concerned particularly if you are a sexually active.

Taking early genital warts signs to the doctor will ensure that severe and frequent ones are prevented. These ones include: burning pain in the affected area, an itching sensation, redness or soreness of the area and also moisture or dampness around the affected area.

Genital warts may be tiny, flat, flesh-colored bumps or tiny, cauliflower-like bumps in advanced stages. After the doctors carry out the various tests, he or she should be able to determine which treatment suits your case best. The available options are:-

Over the counter cures

These include such topical ointments as Imiquimod, Fluorouracil, and Polyphenon. Genital warts cream treatments can also include such things called Interferons. These are antiviral drugs which can either be injected directly into the genital warts, or used as a genital warts cream.

Natural herbs o r home remedies such as mushrooms, apple juice, pineapple, green tea, garlic, vinegar and onions. Some other people who hate chemicals that are contained in many drugs have an option of treating themselves naturally, but only after seeing the doctor.


Cryotherapy is another genital warts medicine which many people employ and involves using either liquid nitrogen of carbon dioxide on the affected area. Loop electrosurgical excision procedure is the next surgical procedure that also commonly serves as genital wart medicine.

Prescription medicines

Many people would prefer what comes directly from the hospital and doctors hands because usually this is the last hope of healing for all. This is why these drugs are available and taken under the intervention of the doctor.

Multiple Sclerosis Alternative Medicine That Works

Holistic alternative medicine offers so much more than conventional therapies for MS. It’s not hard to see why our traditional medical authorities are unable to heal a person with MS, since they can’t even figure out what causes it. Their only answer to this painful and debilitating disease is totally symptomatic in nature, which in many cases doesn’t even qualify for humane relief.

It is a very sad state of affairs that conventional physicians receive no alternative medicine education. In fact they’re purposely taught to scoff and ridicule natural remedies, while innocent persons such as those with MS are left to suffer with no cure or even effective symptomatic relief. They’re are at least honest enough to admit that we shouldn’t expect a cure for MS anytime soon, from their pompous, modern medical monopolies.

Fortunately holistic alternative medicine offers some very reliable remedies for MS that subdue the symptoms by eliminating the cause. Of course they may not have been tested to the satisfaction of the expensive all but unobtainable standards required from a government seduced by greedy pharmaceutical companies, but non the less they do get results. Besides they’re harmless at worst, and at best have been seen to produce amazing results for many victims of MS.

The following is a list and summary for five of the most effective holistic solutions to treat MS. Some of them may sound a little strange for a newcomer to alternative medicine but they have worked for many persons who are today, totally free of this disease.

1.The Elemental Miracle as with all malfunctions of the immune system, works wonders for those suffering from MS. Many holistic practitioners believe that MS is a pathogen based disease, which is a presence the elemental miracle specializes in annihilating. Also infection is one of the suspected causes of MS, which the elemental miracle is also unrivaled in eradicating.

2.Bovine Colostrum has been shown to be a very effective MS treatment, and there are many testimonials by MS sufferers who credit it with completely curing their MS inside of a month.

3.Honey Bee Venom consumed in the form of bee venom honey, has been declared to heal even long time victims of MS in as little as a week!

4.Taking Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Potassium and Chromium daily, is credited with completely eliminating all of the symptoms of MS very quickly.

5.Turmeric is very helpful in reducing the symptoms of MS by taking just a tsp. three times a day.

These are just a sample of the options available to those seeking relief from this horrible disease through the medium of holistic alternative medicine. If you want to pursue a more in depth study of your options with MS I suggest you give yourself an alternative medicine education. There is so much information available to you in this regard, especially on-line.

The remedies suggested in this article might possibly be all you need, but there is so much more in the way of multiple sclerosis alternative medicine. You can take these remedies simultaneously and there is no reason to believe that you won’t get relief for yourself or your loved one from this disease in short order.

To enact a total cure you’ll just have to remain persistent, but the good news is the symptoms should become reduced proportionately, in no time. It’s a shame more people aren’t aware of the simple remedies available for this devastating disease. I sincerely hope what you’ve learned here inspires you to continue. Best of luck. Stay at it and you will succeed.

Benefits Of Taking A Holistic Approach In Alternative Medicine

When we are in good health, we tend to take advantage of our good fortune. Often, when we are healthy, we do not consider what treatment we may choose if we became ill. Take a few moments to think about your physical, mental and emotional well-being. If you were to become sick tomorrow, would you rely on the wisdom of conventional doctors or the wisdom of the ages? More people turn toward the effectiveness of holistic and alternative medicines every year. Many of today’s illnesses and issues can be treated without potentially dangerous drugs and treatments.

Conventional Health Plan

Conventional health care includes medications that are foreign to our bodies. Sometimes those foreign chemicals can cause adverse side effects that could have been avoided by simply choosing a different health care regimen. In fact, some of the more common ailments can easily be treated without the use of conventional medication or treatments.

Alternative Health Plan

Alternative health plans include practices and products that are not often used in conventional medical offices. Alternative health care focuses on the patient, the symptoms and the patient’s surroundings. Vitamins, herbs and natural foods provide lasting results without some of the harmful side effects of conventional medicines. Simply by improving your eating habits, you can make a positive impact on your overall feeling of well-being.

Some alternative health practices may include acupuncture, essential oils, herbs and minerals. Acupuncture works by specifically targeting and stimulating certain points on the body. Although considered “alternative,” acupuncture is not a new method of health care. It has been practiced throughout Asian countries for thousands of years.

Massages and seaweed wraps are considered alternatives to conventional medications that relieve stress and other emotional issues. By stimulating the soft tissue of the human body, blood and oxygen flow increase. The increase in blood flow and oxygen to vital tissues helps decrease the stresses brought on by every-day life.

Vitamins, minerals and herbs can ease the pain of burns, increase memory retention and even help decrease cholesterol. Arthritis patients often find relief from the pain and swelling of arthritis by taking specific herbal supplements. These supplements don’t carry the same risks of side effects as conventional medications.

Holistic Health Plan

The idea behind holistic health care is that wellness envelopes every aspect of a person’s being. In order to be wholly healthy, one must be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Holistic health care focuses on the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of each patient. Prayerful meditation and natural medicines, such as herbs, a natural diet and energy-based therapies are often preferred in lieu of potentially harmful procedures or medications. In addition to naturopathic medicines, homeopathy, acupuncture, exercise and aromatherapy play very important roles in holistic medicine.

Improved posture, complete body cleansing and reflexology are just a few holistic approaches in medicine. Improved posture can unbind nerve endings and help release stress throughout various parts of the body. A complete body cleansing can clean toxins from the blood as well as vital organs like the intestines, liver and kidneys. Some diets rely on a complete body cleanse for optimum weight loss.

While alternative and holistic medicines are very effective, they should never be used without the instruction of a physician. Take your health care decisions into your own hands. Ask your doctor about holistic or alternative approaches to medicines you currently take. Ask for alternatives to conventional medications and procedures when possible.

Domperidone Medicine – An Overview

This medication increases movement through the digestive system. It is used to treat symptoms of stomach disorders. It may also be used to prevent nausea and vomiting caused by certain medications. Due to safety concerns, this medication is not to be used by breast-feeding women to increase production of breast milk. Domperidone is used to speed up the time it takes for food to move through your stomach and intestines after eating. Domperidone helps the stomach to empty more quickly in people where this is a problem. It helps to reduce reflux (stomach acid coming back up) and the sensation of fullness. Domperidone is also used to prevent stomach problems associated with the use of certain medications used to treat Parkinson’s disease. Your doctor may choose to use a medication for conditions other than the ones listed in these drug information articles. If you’re unsure why you are taking this medication, contact your doctor.

Domperidone 5mg tablets are taken with a full glass of water, usually 15 to 30 minutes before meals, and at bedtime.

Using Domperidone.

After starting Domperidone 5mg, it may take three or four days before you notice any effect, though sometimes mothers notice an effect within 24 hours. It appears to take two to three weeks to get a maximum effect, but some mothers have noted effects only after 4 or more weeks. It is reasonable to give domperidone a trial of at least four, and better, six weeks before saying it doesn’t work.


– Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

– Tell your doctor if you are taking any other medications.

– Tell your doctor if you have problems with internal bleeding, or any other stomach or intestinal problems.

– If you are taking any antacids, H2-blockers or proton pump inhibitors, they should be taken at least 2 hours before or after the domperidone is taken

Side Effects

The following side effects may go away as your body becomes used to the medicine; check with your doctor if they continue or become bothersome.

Less common:

– breast milk flowing from the nipple – ry mouth – swelling of the breast (males) – headache – hives – hot flashes – itching of skin – itching, redness, pain, or swelling of eye – menstrual irregularities – pain in the breast

Overdose: If overdose is suspected, contact your doctor or your local poison control centre or emergency room immediately. Symptoms of overdose may include drowsiness, dizziness, confusion, twitching, muscle rigidity, and irregular heartbeat.

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Mentat from Himalaya – Natural Alternative Medicine to Improve Memory Power

What is Mentat?

Himalaya Mentat herbal product is a real, multi-ingredient herbal combination of all natural herbs that enhance your mental order and promotes brain health. Safe and Gentle it assists the brain with cognitive goals and functions. It is very effective ayurvedic medicine supporting the natural ability of the healthy brain and nervous system to readily store and recall information. Mentat herbal treatment has been proven effective in pushing depression in various medical studies. As a calmative, it provides a relaxed feeling.

Mentat supports brain function in normal and depressive situations of life. Mentat was found a good herbal remedy effective to both adults and children. Main functionality of using mentat includes reducing mental stress, relaxation of mind and promotes an overall sense of well-being.

This is from the renowned Himalaya Herbals brand endorsed by over 250,000 doctors worldwide and used by customers in over 60 countries. Himalaya herbal products have been researched clinically and standardized to guarantee bio-equivalence. Himalaya Herbal Healthcare uses chromatographic fingerprinting, one of the most sophisticated standardization techniques, to ensure consistent quality and performance.

Key Ingredients (Per Tablet):

Indian valerian / Tagara(Valeriana wallichii) 50mg

Chebulic myrobalan / Haritaki(Terminalia chebula) 36mg

Indian gooseberry / Amalaki (Emblica officinalis) 36mg

Thyme leaved gratiola / Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) 136mg

Indian pennywort / Mandukaparni (Centella asiatica) 70mg

Winter Cherry / Ashvagandha (Withania Somnifera) 52mg

Gulancha tinospora / Guduchi(Tinospora cordifolia) 36mg

Cow-itch / Kapikachchu (Mucuna pruriens) 18mg

Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) 18mg

Processed Pearl / Muktapishti 3mg


It is recommended to use one or two tablets twice a day with meals. Allow several weeks for long lasting benefits.

Mentat acts as herbal supplement that improves the mental stress, memory span and concentration capability.
Mentat from Himalaya herbals is a very natural and safe calming herbal product to boost memory strength.
Mentat improves psychical functions from the inflection of the cholinergic and GABAergic neurotransmission.
Mentat improves the rational quotient, faculty span, attention susceptibleness and emphasis verge.
By restoring the front cortical muscarinic and cholinergic organ activities, Mentat herbal medicine improves the lineament quotient, module movement, cognitive concentration and stress edge.
Mentat herbal product supports standard memory and aid structure.
Mentat is a riskless and gradual, unbleached nervine tonic.
Mentat reduces public storage problems and absentmindedness commonly associated with the connatural senescent transmute
Himalaya Mentat acts as anti-oxidants which supply strengthener wit cell integrity Mentat herbal medicine also ameliorates aid fluctuations and activity disorders.
Mentat exhibits epochal anti-parkinsonian manifestation by enhancing the dopamine post-synaptic organ activity.
The medicament and tranquilizing personality of Mentat request endorsement against convulsions and are good in insomnia.
Mentat is a safe and entitle, unbleached nervine natural supplement. It also improves the connection and corrects rebuke defects. Side Effects:

If taken as per the prescribed dosage, Himalaya Mentat herbal product is not known to have any side effects.

About Onlineherbs:

OnlineHerbs is an online mail order herbal pharmacy. We provide natural herbal remedies and natural herbal health supplements for healing various diseases.

Mentat Himalaya is an effective herbal medicine, supporting the natural ability of healthy brain and nervous system to readily store and recall information.

Head Sweating – How To Cure Excessive Head Sweating Without Medicine

Do you want to cure excessive head sweating naturally? With these guidelines, you can stop sweating without ever having to buy or use medicine.

Stop Annoying Head Sweat With Sage
Sage is a very powerful solution that has been proven to help decrease excessive head sweating. Brew 1 tablespoon of sage leaves or stir 1 teaspoon of sage powder into a cup of boiling water. If you do not like the taste of sage alone, you may add a twist of lemon to liven things up. Although sage is a good natural remedy to stop your head sweat, you may want to be cautious when choosing to brew sage leaves. If you over brew sage leaves, not only will they be ineffective, but also toxic. So use discretion when brewing with sage leaves.

Use Wheat Grass To Stop Excessive Head Sweating
Wheat grass is another powerful natural remedy that is aimed at decreasing your overall sweating. Wheat grass is perfect for helping your head sweat because it is loaded with vitamin B. This mineral is crucial if you want to stop sweating, so drink 1-2 glasses of wheat grass daily if you want to change your life. After one week of drinking wheat grass, you should notice a decrease in sweat.

Eat Charcoal And Watch Your Head Sweat Disappear
Although it might seem really bizarre that charcoal can cure your head sweat, but it is actually one of the most effective natural remedies. If you can get pass the taste, eat charcoal on an empty stomach every morning. Maintain the same dosage for a week and within the first couple of days (if you are lucky) you will notice a decrease in sweat.

If you want to stop and cure your excessive head sweating, these 3 natural solutions should be a spring board towards your journey to live a sweat free life. However, if you are desperate to cure your excessive head sweat, I suggest you get a stop sweating guide. A stop sweating guide will walk you through a full list of all natural remedies to quickly and easily cure your head sweating forever. Besides just guiding you through a complete list of natural remedies, it will also teach you how to properly use these natural treatments to guarantee that you stop excessive head sweating.

Why Buy Amoxil Online Instead Of A Traditional Drug Store!

Amoxil is one of those medicines which are frequently used in treatment of many diseases. It is highly used to fight against the bacterial infections. Hence it is an antibiotic drug which is used in similar ways as ampicillin. It is also known by different names such as Trimox, Alphamox etc. You can buy amoxil from any online or traditional medical store for reasonable prices.

Even if you buycheap amoxil,it is very useful as it prevents bacteria from multiplying and surviving at the time of bacterial infection to any person. The sale of amoxil is comparatively higher than those medicines which are used for the same purpose as it is easily available at every chemist whenever you are in need of. You can easily avail the same mostly in three different packing such as: AMOXIL 250 mg x 100 pills; AMOXIL 250 mg x 200 pills and AMOXIL 250 mg x 300 Pills.

You might have seen that most of the people are suffering from high blood pressure or low blood pressure. With such increased number of diseases, people are diverting more towards the tablets to remain fit and healthy. But, it should be taken care that any medicine should be taken only when prescribed by the doctor and same is the case when youbuy amoxil.

Now, you can have access to online medical stores wherein you can order any medicine with complete ease. Online facility can be beneficial for the people who are working as dealers, wholesalers and retailers. They can browse through the website of the company which is manufacturing amoxicillin or you can browse many other portals which are specifically made to provide all the relevant information related to medicine.

Thus, from these web portals you can easily fetch the information of those people who are selling the medicine. However, ensure that before youbuy amoxilonline, you can authenticate about the company or the seller as many frauds are working online and they may give you the duplicate medicine or expired medicine by saying that they are selling thecheap amoxil. Hence, properly check the history of the company or seller and as well the expiry date of the medicine which you are purchasing. Being a wise customer, try not to get duped by hoax dealers whioch are aplenty in online market as well.

Amoxicillin is one of the most efficient and recommended medicine during pregnancy for the prevention of anthrax. Itis also preferred over other medicines to cure many infections such as ear infections, pneumonia, gonorrheaetc. Also, it plays a vital role in curing stomach ulcers. There are many situations when it is advised not tobuy amoxilsuch as if a person is suffering from asthma, kidney disease and blood clotting disorder. You are also recommended to use the medicine if you have been especially prescribed by the doctor and that too in appropriate dose at the right time.

Year-Old Medical Secret Unearthed!

Natural medicine should also be thought of as an accompanying medicine. Right now, the current collective medical thought suggests that natural medicine be used only to supplement accepted modern medical practices. In that case of minor ailments your expert we actually advise you to take natural therapies instead.

The practice of modern medicine revolves around diagnosing an illness and prescribing treatments for such. Natural medicine is helpful because it suggests that treatment be not necessarily given only when sick. Natural medicine strives to make each patient practice good health habits. These habits include good diet, healthy living, and the regular natural treatment.

It is this same line of thought that leads our parents to tell us to eat our vegetables. Yes, a healthy lifestyle and will do no harm to our well-being. And this is the foundation of natural medicine may it be massage, herbal medicine, aromatherapy or others.

It is funny but true that science, in its quest for excellence, is studying the knowledge of sages past. This, surprisingly, leads us back to the remedies nature offers. The possibilities of finding remedies to everyday illnesses in natural medicine are encouraging. So staying tuned to studying these remedies is worthwhile until we can verify that these therapies are truly helpful to our health and our society.

Organize Your Bathroom With Luxurious Medicine Cabinets

Today’s medicine cabinets are more than just a place to store your toiletries and incidentals; they are fashionable, stylish additions to any modern bathroom. Medicines cabinets now come in stand-alone, and under-sink models, as well as the traditional hanging, over-the-sink models. Choose from a wide variety of materials like polished wood, copper and brass, in single-door or two-door models. There are also several options for decorative mirrors and built-in lighting. At, we have a style of medicine cabinet that will fit any bathroom dcor. has a vast array of medicine cabinets from several companies that specialize in high-end bathroom products. Choose from trusted brands such as: Afina, Ambella, Barclay, Century, Cole and Company, DVontz, Empire, Fairmont, Forms and Fixtures, Italbrass, Lacava, Lefroy, Porcher, Robern, Ronbow, Sonia, Strasser, Urban Archaeology, Vanico, Villeroy, Ware, Whitehaus and WS Bath. No matter what kind of medicine cabinet you need, you’re sure to find it at

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