Bringing A Dead Tooth Back To Life

A dead tooth may seriously cause headaches, abscesses, gum swelling, and bad breath. That is why dealing with such problem on the onset is a must. Otherwise a patient might suffer from more oral health issues.

If you want to permanently deal with your dead tooth problem and are thinking of having it extracted, you may want to think again. Extraction can leave your smile missing a tooth. The only way to save your smile is to get a dental implant or other dental surgery.

One of the best methods is to have a root canal. This process is not as painful as being stabbed by a knife so you have to relax. Have you ever heard of anesthesia? Of course the dentist will use anesthesia on you before the procedure so that you wont feel pain.

Once the anesthesia is working or if your gums are numb enough to feel anything, the dentist will start the root canal process. The dentist will first clean off the bacteria on the surface of your tooth by using a dental device called a rubber dam.

After the cleaning procedure, your dead tooth will be drilled so that a device to clean the infected pulp or soft tissue inside your tooth can sanitize and clean the tooth. Once the pulp has been free from the infection, the dentist will seal your tooth will a dental filling. After the tooth filling, your dead tooth will be revived.

The root canal can last from one to two hours. Once the process is done, you can go on smiling confidently again without any sign that your tooth was dead.

Aside from a root canal, dental implants can also be a great option too. But unlike the root canal procedure, your tooth will need to be extracted and will be replaced by a titanium implant. Feel free to ask your dentist for advice.