Alternative Medicine For Periodontal Disease

Americans are spenidng about $40 billion a year to treat and slow the degeneration of their teeth. Our teeth are designed to last a lifetime, yet today there is an increasing percentage of Americans who wear dentures – party because they are living longer. Between 80 and 90 percent of our population has some gum disease which may already be in the advanced stages by the time they experienced pain.

This is known as periodontal disease (PD), otherwise known as gum disease, a low-grade bacterial infection of the gums, bone, and ligaments that support your teeth. PD can be a very serious bacterial infection that destroys the supporting bone and attachment fibers that hold your teeth in your mouth.

bacteria can become overgrown and form tartar, which produces toxins that provoke the body’s immune response. PD destroys the supporting structure of the teeth and this in turn leads to loss of teeth.

How do you know if you have PD? One sign is bleeding gums. Remember that our tooth sockets are joints, and the teeth are essentially bones. Red, tender, discolored or bleeding gums means you should probably take time to make an appointment with a dentist. If you have a serious case of PD, your dentist may suggest a specialist who will put you on a program for treating PD.

If you have sensitive teeth or gums or minor discomfort from dental work, there are several new all-natural herbal treatments for gums that you can purchase online, which help restore oral health.

Chinese herbal remedies can be integrated with advanced modern scientific techniques to prevent disease before it occurs. Some people use a regime of nightly gum packs made from herbs rolled in gauze, tucked into the corners of the mouth comprised of a combination of turmeric, aloe, willow bark, powdered alum and vitamin E.

Traditionally people used herbal therapies and natural tooth brushes made from twigs and healing plants. Ironically, these primitive brushes actually work well, providing a natural-bristle, disposable brush with healing herbs. In Asia, people often use twigs of the neem tree. These twigs contain volatile oils which stimulate blood circulation, tannins that tighten and cleanse gum tissue. One classic Ayurvedic combination contains two parts powdered potassium alum, an astringent, and one part powdered salt.

North Americans use prickly ash bark and myrrh gum is widely used in the Middle East. Diluted tea tree oil also stimulates circulation and kills germs. For healthier gums, bay, eucalyptus, juniper, oak, fir, all work well.

British herbalist David Hoffmann (The New Holistic Herbal; Element, 1983) suggests using the roots of marshmallow, licorice, horseradish or alfalfa. Herbal medicine and herbal treatments such as natural tooth powders which are warming, removes plaque, and promotes gum circulation.

Natural healers and herbalists from around the world recommend using warming, astringent, connective-tissue-healing herbs which can be used as a rinse or applied as packs. You can try a little powder wetted to a mush with a liquid such as water or vitamin E, and tucked in near the teeth. Herbs such as amla that support the healing and development of connective tissue when taken internally also benefits the gums. Remember that since they must saturate the whole body in order to work on the gums, the healing effect of these tonics may take longer.

Herbs that treat the skeleton and the joints when taken internally are good bets for long-term tooth health. Standouts include yellow dock root, alfalfa leaf, cinnamon bark, and turmeric root. Licorice root helps promotes anti-cavity action, reduces plaque, and has an antibacterial effect. Hawthorn berry and bilberry fruit also help to stabilize collagen, while strengthening the gum’s tissue.

Whole body healing along with a local herbal treatment for gums can dramatically reverse PD. Some of these Chinese herbal remedies not only provide fast-acting relief, but they help to restore internal balance to support healthy teeth and gums.

When you have sensitive teeth or gums, or minor discomfort from dental work, look online for herbal therapies. These all-natural remedies can help restore your body’s natural balance and will promote oral health.