Adolescent Medicine in Idaho Falls-Common Problems Among Teens That Should Be Discussed With a Physician

Puberty experiences in young women will vary. Doctors practicing adolescent medicine advise parents and their daughters to pay close attention to certain issues and as they advance through various stages of puberty.

Painful cramps are one symptom that parents should inquire about. While it is common for the teen to experience cramps during the time of their period, excruciating cramps could indicate a serious condition in teenage women. Severe cramps can indicate dysmenorrhea. One form of dysmenorrhea, the primary spasmodic, can affect 80 percent of young teenage females. Other issues like endometriosis could also be linked to severe cramps. Parents with teens experiencing severe cramps may want to speak with a physician about the problem.

Infrequent periods is another thing that the parents should take note of. Many young women may experience a missed period within the year the menstrual cycle begins. Periods can become irregular among extremely active teens that play sports and exercise often. Irregular periods can also be a symptom of the condition polycystic ovary syndrome. This condition affects ten percent of women. It can cause irregular hair growth, acne and weight gain. Any hormonal balance problems the teen may be experiencing contributing to conditions stemming from irregular periods can be managed by the doctor working in the field of adolescent medicine in Idaho Falls.

Unhealthy weight gain is another problem that parents want to watch for. The excess weight can lead to an imbalance in hormone levels, and if untreated, the teen could have issues as a young adult with weight. Weight issues among teens can develop into a lifestyle, so proper counseling from a physician that specializes in adolescent medicine in Idaho Falls can help address this concern. Physicians in adolescent medicine can help the parents and the teen handle weight issues in a way that helps promote a healthy self-image and a healthy lifestyle.

Delayed puberty is another issue that should be of concern to parents. Breast development, menstruation and other physical changes are tied to a timeline. While not all teenage females develop at the same time, an abnormal delay should be discussed with the physician specializing in adolescent medicine. Such a delay can indicate an endocrine or reproductive problem in teen women.

Adolescent medicine helps parents address the developmental concerns affecting teenage women early on. The earlier these issues are addressed in young women, the easier they are to treat successfully. There are five stages of puberty for young women, and parents can help guide their children through them with the help of a physician specializing in adolescent medicine in Idaho Falls.