Acne Natural Solution – 5 Top Benefits of Honey to Cure Acne

Sometimes, a good natural solution for acne can be found in your kitchen cupboard, honey. It’s good news right? Keep reading to find more about the benefits of honey and how to use it as acne natural solution.

Benefits of honey for acne and skin treatment:

a. Honey can kill bacteria that cause acne.

b. Honey is good to keep the skin’s moisture.

c. Honey’s anti oxidant can protect skin from effects of sun’s rays.

d. Honey is an ideal cleansing agent.

e. And it is good to absorb impurities from the face pores.

How to use honey as acne natural solution:

a. Try mixing this great natural stuff with hot water and drink it every morning. It’s good to cure acne from inside your body.

b. Honey acne mask. Apply honey to your face, wait for ten minutes and rinse off with water. Clean your face before using this mask.

Things you should note before using honey as treatment:

a. Honey does not work for everyone Do not apply honey to your skin if you are allergic to honey, since it can cause an allergic reaction.

b. Find a good and ideal acne. Make sure you don’t use processed honey. Processed honeys have lost their antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties while in processing. You are so lucky if you get unprocessed honey directly from the producer.

c. It will lose its healing properties if it is placed in microwave.

d. If you like, you can try using cream or soap made from honey.

e. It is only good to cure acne caused by bacteria but not good to cure scar left by acne.

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