A Guide To Have A Bright Clean Smile

You should always consider teeth whitening whenever you think of making your smile more intense and pretty. Apart from transforming discolored, yellow teeth to a white smile, this process is also very safe and fast. There are many options in teeth whitening today so you can find a procedure that fits with your personal needs and budget. This article has information about the diverse options that are there and will help you figure out the best one for you.

The process of teeth whitening cannot be included among the various other preventive processes. It is used on teeth that have already suffered some discoloration due to products like coffee, tea and cigarettes. If the teeth enamel is present in sufficient amount and can be worked with, the process become more effective. It does not affect the color of dental work like crowns and veneers. A professional whitening procedure by a dentist can help people with dental works avoid teeth of different shades.

The earlier thought process was that teeth whitening works only the stains that are located on the surface of the teeth. Profound stains which originated from reasons like ageing, trauma or medicines will in no way react to the treatment. Today the dentists are looking for better ways to turn such stains also white. Dentist is the right person to ask for the best teeth whitening procedure if your teeth have deep stains.

Teeth whitening processes that are accessible today are two in types. Teeth become whiter than usual after the process of bleaching. These products have hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as bleaching agents. In todays market, this type of teeth whitening products is the most sought after type.

Dirt and debris when removed from the teeth surface by the whitening products make the smile whiter and clean. Teeth color is not changed by them alone. Teeth whitening is done by them is typically claimed by products like toothpastes. Sale figures definitely go higher when the bleaching agents are marketed in the form of whitening products. To be able to get good results you should go through the list of contents of the product you wish to buy and check for the presence of bleaching agent.

The most budget friendly option is the teeth whitening kit that can be bought over the counter. These kits can be found in most drug stores or grocers and can often be found at a very reasonable price. There are strips present in the kits meant for teeth whitening and these strips fir over teeth and should be kept that was for some time daily. The strip will only work till the time you wear it as the bleaching agent needs to be in touch with the teeth to work on them. To be able to continue with good results, these kits need to be repeated frequently and they only work over a period of time.

Dentist can be asked for home bleaching kits also. The professional kits are expensive as compared to the ones that are available over the counter, but their results are also better and last for a longer time period. One characteristic of this whitening process is that it should be worn for a longer span of time in comparison to others available over the counter. Majority of them need to be worn for an hour whereas the remaining needs to be all through the night to be able to get the optimum results. Mouth guard is what this tray in which the bleaching agent is placed looks like and it is kept on for some fixed duration every single day.

If the dentists office is well equipped with a variety of tools and products, professional bleaching can easily be done there in a very effective manner. 15 minutes to 1 hour is the time period for which a very concentrated peroxide gel is left on teeth during the procedure. It is important to protect the gums in the right manner as the formula is very concentrated and the bleaching agent should not come in contact with the gums. Only one session would be sufficient to get the desired results for some people. If the stains are deep and stubborn, you may need one or two follow up sessions too for the desired color to be achieved.

Teeth whitening is quite a popular cosmetic procedure today and its fast process and effectiveness are the reason behind it. Side effects from bleaching agent are negligible and the process is quite easily performed. You are sure to get a whiter smile no matter whether you choose a whitening system from over the counter or you go for a professional one through your dentist.