A Glimpse Into Taiwan Healthcare System And Medical Events 2013

Most of us know about the teardrop shaped island- Taiwan for its technological progress but there are many tourists that are not aware about its beauty, warmth and culture. It is a wonderful tourist destination and with the growth of medical tourism, it has become the most sought-after place for global tourists that come here for medical events in Taiwan. It truly a great place for travel and treatment.

Taiwan as a Medical Tourism Destination

Taiwan is truly a cultural retreat and has succeeded in promoting integration while maintaining its heritage and traditions. It is a great destination for people coming for treatment due to its superior quality and cost-effective medical treatment. No doubt Taiwan hospitals are known for state-of-art equipment and service which looks after the unique needs of the patient.

Healthcare in Taiwan is controlled and administered by the Department of Health of the Executive Yuan. In comparison to other developed economies, Taiwanese people are well-nourished but face number of health issues like heart disease and chronic obesity.

Taiwan Medical Event 2013

Speaking about medical events in Taiwan 2013, TAITRA or Taiwan External Trade Development Council is going to organize Taiwan Medicare 2013. It is a B2B exhibition which will focus on an array of innovative healthcare products like artificial joints, dental surgical treatments, artificial teeth, orthopedic surgical treatment and others. These products are sure to highlight the booming healthcare Industry of Taiwan.

Last year medical events in Taiwan became a huge hit among participants. In fact it also caught the attention of buyers around the world. There were about 1,200 overseas buyers in 63 nationalities. It managed to garner enough business in comparison to the event held in 2011. Again the events held by Medicare Taiwan 2013 have managed to show the same expectations.

Today there are number of events held in Asian countries and have earned their praises for their economic growth due to their progress in medical technology. Due to this it has become one of the preferred medical suppliers among manufacturers and buyers. This medical event is scheduled to be held from June 20, 2013 to June 23, 2013 at Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan.

Exhibition Areas of the Medical Event

Some of its exhibition areas are medical disposables and commodities, diagnostics, disinfection and sterilization equipment, biotechnology equipment and pharmaceuticals, laboratory, medical test and hospital equipment, surgical, dental and orthopedic equipment, medical services and publications, manufacturing equipment, parts, accessories and materials, rehabilitation equipment, mobility aids and healthcare products. Added to all these there are rehabilitation equipment, mobility aids and healthcare products.

The exhibition activities of medical events in Taiwan are in the series of forums and seminars which customized through one-to-one meeting, new product launch announcement and opening ceremony or press conference.

To conclude the medical facilities in Taiwan not only focus on serious disease but on number of affordable health examinations like cancer PET exams, general physicals, coronary artery exams and cranial spine exams.