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Part D And Enbrel

For most seniors who live on a tight income, Medicare Part D has been an answer to their prayer. However, for those senior citizens who have a lifelong illness, the Medicare Part D -donut hole- can be a real shock. The donut hole or coverage gap is often talked about by the end of the first quarter of the year. What is it, why is it there, and how does it work?
To decrease the cost of Medicare’s Part D coverage, the coverage gap was created. The yearly limit for Part D is set each year. The annual limit in 2007 was $2400. The yearly amount was increased to $2510 in 2008. The amount is $2700 in 2009. The limit is calculated on the total costs of the prescription medicine that you receive. This includes your co-pays and what the insurance company pays. If the insurance company pays $500 and the recipient pays $50 for a prescription, the amount that goes towards is applied to the annual amount is the entire amount of $550.
While in the donut hole or coverage gap, you are responsible for all of your prescriptions out-of-pocket. There is coverage for your generic drugs when you are in the donut hole or coverage gap. This really isn’t that much of a benefit because these plans tend to cost more per month than most generic drugs cost. For some people it might be worth it to have coverage for generics, everyone’s situation varies.
For Part D patients with chronic health conditions which often require costly medicine for treatment, the donut hole can be reached in a matter of weeks. Reaching the donut hole as early as February is not uncommon. Encouraging people to use less costly medications when possible is the whole point for the coverage gap. That is fine for those people who have that option but it punishes those who must take expensive medicine because nothing else works. Enbrel is a medicine for patients who have rheumatoid arthritis and the cost of it can cause the patient to go into the donut hole or coverage gap within 2 or 3 months. Halting their medicine which has potentially disabling consequences or paying for their medication at full price is frequently the only option available for these patients. The cost of Enbrel is approximately $50 per day. There are a lot of senior citizens who are not able to pay that.
Qualifying for patient assistance programs can help some lower income patients. The best way to get low cost or free medicine is to talk to the pharmaceutical company. Call the company and ask about their Prescription Assistance Program. Almost all pharmaceutical companies offer these programs, which enable people to receive medicine they need at a price they can afford. A lengthy application co-signed by your healthcare provider is typically necessary for entry into the program. Patient Assistance Programs run by drug manufacturers have been in existence for over 16 years. These programs are designed to help eligible individuals who can’t afford their drugs due to low income or other financial hardships.
Drug manufacturers did not want their low income patients to be forced to make a choice between paying for life saving drugs or for paying for rent or groceries. As a result, patient assistance programs came into being as part of the company’s philanthropic efforts. Until relatively recently, few people knew about the existence of these programs or could follow the complicated application process that was necessary for participation. In many cases multiple applications had to be filed with several different drug manufacturers in order to gain access to a PAP.
The manufacturers think that offering information on their websites and toll-free numbers is all that patients need to access PAPs. They just don’t understand the inability of many patients, particularly those on several medications from 2 or more physicians to follow through with the fragmented application process. It also places an unfair burden on the physicians that are already overburdened with paperwork. Fortunately there are companies that will perform the task for patients for a fee. These prescription assistance companies will generally coordinate the process from beginning to end. Of course the prescriptions are free and if people can do it themselves they should, but for those patients that just do not have the skills to do it themselves, the hiring of a organization to do the job is a better option than not taking the prescription drugs they need.

The Anti Acne Diet Program – Does It Give Good Results

The human body has evolved over many millennia to require a certain balance of enzymes, hormones, chemicals and a myriad of other nutritional needs so as to function appropriately. If ever the balance in the body between these many elements is disturbed then the body will take steps to naturally fix any imbalances. Nearly 80 percent of all teenagers will have problems with varying degrees of the skin disease acne during puberty and sometimes adults may also suffer from the late onset type of acne. Expectant females and those having menstrual cycles experience this acne condition very often. In such cases, an anti acne diet is something which you need to consider.

You have two basic kinds of food in an anti acne diet; those food items that will help your body and skin to be healthy and those foods that can trigger an acne skin infection and cause to get worse. The ingredients in the foods that you eat have a major impact on the healthiness of your body and skin. Some foods will cause your body to respond in a way which will make acne to worsen while foods that have loads of antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids will help your body to safeguard itself against the skin disorder. An anti acne diet can help your skin.

Acne is caused when pores in the skin become plugged with an excess of sebum oil and impurities like dead skin cells. Sebum oil is secreted naturally in the body from the oil glands within the subcutaneous layer of the skin. When your body is healthy and clean the sebum oil migrates up hair follicles and helps to lubricate the skin. However, if too much sebum oil is secreted in can cause the skin pores to get clogged and then a bacterial infection can begin and result in the acne skin inflammations. Some kinds of food can make the body secrete more sebum oil.

There are actually some varieties of food stuffs which are high glycemic and make the levels of sugar in the blood rise very quickly. Refined sugars are an example of this kind of food. When your blood sugar spikes the pancreas comes in to action by secreting lots of insulin and testosterone, a male hormone. This, consequently, induces your skin oil glands to make more sebum oil that could help to clog skin pores and induce acne. Dairy foods like milk are made from lactating cows and these products may contain very high female estrogen counts and this has been proved in scientific tests to encourage outbreaks of acne.

An anti acne diet needs to be composed of healthy and nutritious food stuffs that have Omega-3 fatty acids and plenty of antioxidants contained in their ingredients. A very good anti acne diet must also contain all of the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals which keep the body in good health. A healthy body that receives all the nourishing substances will enjoy a healthy, clear and supple skin. Diets to combat acne should include lots of fish, whole grains and fresh vegetables. Taking a mineral and vitamin supplement can ensure the body receives all the essential nutrients that are needed to keep skin clear of acne.

How To Get Rid Of Penis Pimples – Penis Acne Is A Major Problem

Penis pimples and penis acne is an embarrassing skin affliction for most guys. There exists no debate about it. If a person desires to complete absent with penis pimples, he has to know what the result in behind it can be and what could be executed to stop these nasty pimples on penis.

Could you ever visualize having into sexual get hold of which has a beautiful lady and the lady out of the blue notices your penis pimples?

Gross! Isn’t it disgusting?

To ensure that you will need to do anything at all about it.

Most guys starts to have all sorts of acne on their penis even instantly soon after the age of 10.

The good issue is always that all forms of acne are similar. Lots of people are genetically a lot a lot more susceptible to practical experience from acne close to exclusive overall physique parts. This will involve penis as well.

Treatment of most varieties of acne which involve penis pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and cystic acne is practically exact same.

If you also endure from this principal acne problem and should remove penis pimple, then expend quite a few minutes right here. Right here you’ll get extremely several practical strategies to attain you started. mmediately soon after dealing together with the following passages you’d probably be inside a far better position of possessing pleasurable with no getting at this time being nervous or self aware.

Scrubbing Will not probably Relieve The concern: Many individuals think that over washing their genital will resolve the issue. The point is in extra of washing does not carry out; rather it could possibly make the predicament even even even worse. It is far better to wash the penis usually with gentle common soap in shower.

n no way Squeeze Or Pop Penis Pimples: Popping and squeezing only spreads the infection. It is superior to depart penis acne simply because it will be.

Hit And Endeavor to Find Out Which Meals Are Triggering Your Acne: This can be a greater challenge nonetheless it’s the perfect acne treatment system for eliminating penis pimples.

Plenty of foods activate sebum for producing excessive oil when in the human physique, primarily in acne inclined men and women. A lot of individuals have this acne problem on their neck, offer with or again once more. Even so there are a few people that get this oil on their genitals. It calls for courage to clarify that your penis is oily too as pores are clogged.

The skin of penis is obtaining clogged as a result of actuality a variety of meals products and solutions that you’re consuming are resulting in an inflammatory response. These kind of meals has to be averted. Across the other hand you can find a number of foods groups that support in getting rid of penis pimples.

Any way, no matter what the predicament is; there’s unquestionably no query about it that penis acne will be by far the most embarrassing type of acne faced by males right now. Luckily it really is curable.

Is There Any Difference Between EHR and EMR

Often patients and medical professionals within the health care industry refer to electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical records (EMR) interchangeably; however, these two systems actually serve somewhat different purposes. As far as EHR is concerned it is the sum total of a digital patient medical record accumulated over a period of time across different healthcare setups. Where as EMR is a digital patient medical record created at an individual healthcare setup. There is sizeable difference between the two one is at a macro level where as the other version of digital medical record is at a micro level.

The EHR (electronic health records) data can come through different community health workers, physician clinics, diagnostic labs, hospitals, pharmacies, patients and so on. It is a collection of data that, which is created, complied and shared across the entire healthcare system. It may be made up of electronic medical records (EMRs) from many locations and/or sources. A variety of types of healthcare-related information may be stored and accessed in this way. Electronic health record systems of today have a much broader range of functionality compared to early EMR’s that were used by clinicians mostly for diagnosis and treatment.

A typical EHR (electronic health records) system would include the following important features: digital patient records created across a network of healthcare setups, ability to seamlessly share information across the entire healthcare system, integration capabilities, support for PQRI automation, software that is also adaptive learning, secure portability features, integrated patient portal, no right templates, effective document/image management, voice recognition and handwriting recognition technology and meets other technical and legal requirements. There are numerous federal and state regulatory and compliance issues that you must be aware of. Having an EMR Solution that has guidelines programmed in (and is constantly updated by the vendor’s system) will keep you legally safe all year round.

An EHR (electronic health record) loaded with above features may definitely help to streamline the overall process of physician (or hospital) workflow. It can deliver unmatched benefits to doctors by way of time savings, easy storage solution, benefits of integration, timely access of patient medical records, improved quality of patient service, reduction in costs and better profit margins (ROI) for the practice. As discussed earlier EHR data is the sum total of patient medical information compiled across different healthcare setups, this aides in the overall process of diagnosis and treatment leading into better quality of patient service and patient satisfaction.

EHR has an advantage over EMR, as in being an aggregate of electronic records of health-information accumulated over time; the information being able to be transferred and accessed within the health care organization. These records would provide all the relevant medical history, medication and allergies, immunization status, laboratory test results, radiology images and billing status information of an individual or population, which would in turn enhance patient – treatment and care. Not to mention avoiding the hassle of safe-keeping papers and reports, ensuring easy storage and retrieval of health records at any given time. An added advantage is that, information can be shared and updated among attending practitioners and health organizations with ease.

EHR is bound to become one of the means of taking medical services to new heights. The word “health” is a much broader term that covers much more than the word “medical” does. The EHR’s (electronic health records) of today simply go a lot further than that of early EMR’s.

A Majority Of Physicians Oppose US Healthcare Reform

Healthcare reform is a highly debated topic these days, due to new legislation passed by President Obama late last year. Although the American public seems to be divided in their stance on the reform act, the now majority Republican-controlled House is not its only critic- a recent study cites that many physicians themselves are actually opposed to the reform efforts. Among the major points made, physicians polled feel that reform calls for a greater number of healthcare workers, many of whom are not required to earn doctorate-levelhealthcare degrees like nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

The report recently released by Thomson Reuters and HCPlexus details the results of a national survey which polled nearly 3,000 U.S. physicians on the issue of healthcare reform. The overall consensus can be generalized to say that a majority of physicians feel “frustration and dismay in a time of change.” ”

Of the physicians polled,

65% believe that U.S. healthcare will deteriorate with five years
18% believe it will improve
17% believe it will stay the same

If the healthcare reform act passed by President Obama remains in legislation, under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), an estimated 32 million currently uninsured Americans will have will access to healthcare. Physicians participating in the survey report concern over who will treat these new patients. Nurse practitioners and physician assistants will likely begin seeing and treating nearly as many patients as physicians themselves.

According to the report, “physicians overall have a clear frustration with the non-physician providers’ compensation, which is comparable to primary care physicians, citing that nurse practitioners and physician assistants are not as well-trained or as educated.”

Nurse practitioners and physician assistants do have an education above a bachelor’s degree, but are not required to have earned their doctorate from a medical school like a physician.Healthcare degrees of all levels are in high-demand in response to reform efforts, which will require greater numbers of healthcare workers overall, in both an administrative and clinical capacity. Online programs offering advanced healthcare degrees are growing in popularity as a method for working healthcare professionals to earn the additional credentials necessary to qualify for higher-level positions.

Results of the study also claim that a majority of physicians have a similarly cynical view on how healthcare reform will affect patients. Results conclude that:

58% feel the legislation will negatively affect patients
27% feel the effect will be positive

Survey results distinguished responses among physicians of different medical practices, for example, as primary care physicians, or psychiatrists. Of all participating groups, pediatricians and psychiatrists were the most optimistic about the future of healthcare. On the other hand, dermatologists were found to have the most negative outlook; not a single dermatologist polled reported a belief that current healthcare reform efforts would have a positive effect on physicians.

Emily writes about Online Education for – a resource site for those interested in earning a degree online.

Herbal Medicine and Its Powerful Healing Properties

Did You Know That Herbal Medicine Is As Old As Time?

In the ancient world there were no medical doctors and when people became unwell they would go to the village elder with the knowledge of the healing effects of various plant leaves, stem, flower and root that grew wild in the local natural environment.

Medicine from herbs is one of oldest forms of healthcare. It has a long and respected history of plants and parts of the plant being used for medicinal purposes based on the observation and testing of indigenous people.

Use of leaves, flowers, stems, berries, and roots of plants to prevent, relieve, treat and cure various medical conditions is known as herbal medicine.

Many modern medications have been derived from the knowledge of herbs and their healing properties. The medicinal component of the plant, herb, root or berry is analyzed and isolated. This component is then artificially stabilized and manufactured in large laboratories for use in pharmaceutical preparations.

Before the discovery and synthesis of antibiotics, Echinacea was most widely administered medicine to fight infection. It was even part of the medical kit for the men going to war. Echinacea is a herb that comes from a plant, commonly known as, purple coneflower. The scientists’ research today have found that it has immune boosting properties by encouraging the body to produce disease fighting white blood cells.

In the 1900’s as the Western medicine developed, through scientific research from an art to a science, modern medicine produced in pharmaceutical laboratories based on synthetic counterparts of medicine made from herbs became more popular pushing the practice of ancient traditional herbal medicine into relative obscurity.

But the big problem is WHY do they have side effects?

The World Health Organization has researched that out of 119 plant derived synthetic medicine, 74% are being prescribed for the same healing properties as has been used by indigenous people as herbal medicine, for centuries.

Pharmacologists identify, isolate and extract the active component and then synthesize it in the laboratories. The resultant powerful medicinal quality of the active component becomes toxic, creating side effects. It becomes toxic because it has been removed from its natural environment. The other supportive important components of the plant like vitamins, bioflavonoid, volatile oils, glycosides, minerals, alkaloids etc that enhance the properties of the active component have been eliminated. So the herbal medicine that was originally safe has a synthetic counterpart, which has side effects.

Herbal medicines in there natural forms are safe and do not usually suffer from the problem of side effects and are apt at addressing targeted problems.

WHO, World Health Organization has found that estimated 4 billion people, i.e. 80% of the World’s population, uses herbal medicine as their primary form of medication. Herbal medicine is a major part of indigenous peoples’ traditional medicine around the World, be it ayurveda, homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, naturopathy or native American Indian medicine.

Herbs and prepared herbal medicine are available in many different forms with unique properties for healing various medical conditions. They are available in the form of raw herbs, tinctures, extracts, capsules, tablets, lozenges and ointments.

Michigan Health Insurance For Uninsured Children

If it is Michigan health insurance for uninsured kids you are thinking about, it is best to seek the help of the State Childrens Health Insurance Program or the SCHIP that is administered by the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services. This is the organization that makes financial resources available for various states which extend various kinds of programs for coverage of health and medical insurance for children who are not insured.

The aim of this michigan health insurance policy is to offer the state the permission to make medical insurance for kids available, up to the age of 19 years. The SCHIP plan is provided by the state and it has its individual parameters for its services and eligibility criteria.

The amount of funds that is annually received by the SCHIP is determined on the basis of the low income as well as uninsured kids in Michigan and the geographic aspects that affect health care. The state makes use of its Michigan health insurance funds for providing medical insurance to kids who cannot be covered by health insurance alone. There are certain families that are eligible for Medicaid on account of their low incomes. Those that exceed the income that is required for the plan would prefer the SCHIP.

If a family does not qualify for health insurance in Michigan, they may sign up for the SCHIP even if the members are employed. The rules and parameters of eligibility vary between states, but in many of them, uninsured kids aged below 19 years and their families earn about $36000 per annum, they are eligible. Under this particular kind of insurance in Michigan, you are paid for your physicians visits, hospitalization, immunization and visits to the emergency section.

How to Obtain Health Insurance in Michigan for your Uninsured Child

As there are millions of kids who are uninsured in the US, you should try to get medical insurance for your child since the federal government supplied adequate funds for the same. The first thing to do in this regard is to call up the federal health or medical insurance policy for children. Call them up at the toll free number, or log in to go through the online instructions for applying for health insurance for your kid. On dialing the number, there are various options offered to the caller. Select your state to follow the relevant directions.

On selecting the appropriate options and furnishing information on your state and other details, you will be able to follow the directions over the phone. In case there is a problem, seek the help of a live operator. If you have chosen to apply for a policy of health insurance for children in Michigan through the phone, all you need to do is abide by the operators directions. If on a live call, you should intimate the agent that you are interested in applying for childs insurance in your respective state. Finally, the operator will choose if you qualify for a particular plan and in that case, you will be mailed the required documents for application.

Why Choose Dental Implants

There was a time when dentures and bridges were the only options available to replace missing teeth. Anyone who has worn cosmetic dentures or a bridge will be aware of the pluses and minuses attached. In comparison to dental implants (also known as teeth implants) both are relatively limited. Dental implants do not slip and are fixed. Unquestionably, they are currently the closest thing to natural teeth with regards to strength, durability, comfort and care as well as aesthetically. Indeed, they are quite literally teeth implants!

Why Dental Implants? Is It A Must?

While no dentist would suggest you MUST have dental implants there are significant advantages in doing so. For example: If you have two or three back teeth missing on one side, the functionality of teeth implants would be far superior to partial dentures. Known as flippers, without a tooth to attach a bridge, the functionality of partial dentures is more aesthetic than functional.

Teeth implants can be used to replace all the teeth OR to provide a solid anchor for a bridge – Which increases functionality and comfort substantially. If you have just one tooth missing and opt for a bridge; the teeth either side of the missing tooth need to be ground down. With teeth implants they do not: Which means your healthy teeth remain intact and untouched: Another good reason to opt for dental implants.

Are Implants An Option For You?

A qualified dental surgeon is the best person to offer advice on whether you are a suitable candidate for dental implants: Not everyone is suitable which ultimately means the chance of this treatment being successful is not promising. However, even if you are suitable and you are keen to take advantage of the benefits, there are other factors to consider: And cost is a major factor for most. Even so, dental implants are a long term investment and there are payment plans available to help finance that investment. The best thing to do first is get an estimate and know your options.

Speak To A Specialist

The Perfect Smile Spa is one of the leading Cosmetic Dentistry clinics and spas in the London and Essex region. If your dentist has recommended a bridge – particularly if you only have one missing tooth – then it is in your interest to investigate the alternatives. Dental Implants could well be the most advantageous option in the long term. The Perfect Smile Spa has an in-house Implant Specialist. Dr Pabari is highly trained and qualified in oral surgery as well as sedation. Implants are being used more and more within Cosmetic Dentistry because they look natural and are extremely durable.

Just Call

The Perfect Smile Spa is located in the main high street, Hornchurch Essex. If you live in the London – Essex region using a local dental practice has its advantages. However, benefiting from the advice of a specialist provides even more. Indeed, at the Perfect Smile Spa you have everything – Which is what makes this team one of the leading Cosmetic Dentistry clinics and spas in the London and Essex region. Call today for your free consultation.

What causes these medical problems

In America today health care is a big problem. Many people today are not in very good shape, this is why so many people have medical problems. With a large part of the population over weight this adds to the health problems. Just look at the food that most people eat today, the foods are prepared in fast food places with oils, salts and sugars added, or they grab some salty snacks and munch on the run. Most foods that you buy come with so much added ingredients in them. Next time you eat something, just look at the calories chart, and see how much salt is in it, or what about all that cholesterol, and we must not forget about the sugars. These are the 3 main additives that cause so much health concerns. Most people just grab something and eat it, never even thinking about what is in the food they are eating. If you start reading the label on things you eat, youll soon understand why half the population is over weight. Herbal medicine and vitamins can help reverse this process of being over weight and out of shape, plus these herbs make you feel full.

Other health concerns come from things people are doing like smoking, drinking alcohol, recreational drugs, or even all the prescription medications the doctors hand out. People just take this stuff not knowing what it will do to you 20 years down the road we are all being medical experiments for the long run. The doctors should prescribe more herbal medicine, and less of these new prescription drugs just developed. One of the problems is that all the large Pharmacys have the doctors in their pocket. They give these drugs to the doctors and tell the physicians to hand out free pills to see if they help your problem.

Another contributing factor to someones heath is smoking. When a person smokes, they know their chance of getting some kind of illness is likely if they smoke for a life time. When they started smoking it was never going to be for 20 years, they said to their self, Ill just quit later when I get older or married, but nobody ever thinks quitting smoking is going to be hard, till they start trying to stop smoking. Even when a person is over weight, they seem to put it off until tomorrow, thinking they can wait until next month to start trying to lose weight. Thats the problem with people today they put things off till tomorrow. But sooner or later if people do these things, they will have medical problems.

Pain pills of many kinds can cause liver damage, and especially drinking alcohol, even all these drugs that some people do. All these chemicals going in the body, no wonder people have stomach problems, liver problems, lung problems, fatigue, mental issues, acne, bowl problems, and many other problems.

There is some good news about some of these medical problems. There are natural remedies that God gives us, in herbal medicine. Herbal medicine is natural herbs grown from around the world. Herbal medicine is chemical free and has many uses in the world today. Natural remedies are safe, chemical free and have natural healing powers. If it was made buy God it must be ok. People must start paying attention to their body, before they lose their body.

Symptoms Of Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Inflammatory breast cancer takes lives of most of the people who develop it. It is a very “hostile” type of cancer, which thankfully, is also rare. It gets its name from the inflammation the breasts of the victim develop. Contrary to other forms of cancer, inflammatory breast cancer can develop in relatively younger females, too. Rarely do men develop IBC.

In Inflammatory breast cancer, the cancer cells block lymph vessels of the breast. This gives rise to the apparent inflammation and redness of the breast of a person diagnosed with IBC. Other forms of cancer usually develop in women as they age, but that is not the case with IBC. It can occur in young women, too. It is also said that African American women are more prone to developing IBC, and at a younger age too, compared to White women.

Inflammatory breast cancer can start showing symptoms early on, and become very advanced within a matter or few days. This can be very sad, especially when women delay seeking medical advice regarding the symptoms, as the cancer can advance very rapidly, and it can be very late already, when they seek medical help. However, the symptoms for IBC are so alarming that women almost immediately seek advice, and this is one reason for relatively earlier diagnosis of Inflammatory breast cancer, in most cases.

The unique characteristic of Inflammatory breast cancer is that no lump formation is associated with it. This characteristic makes it all the more dangerous, because mammography and ultrasound can not detect it, and it often goes undiagnosed, or misdiagnosed. Biopsy is the best method for diagnosing IBC.

The typical attributes of Inflammatory breast cancer are extreme redness, purple-ish bruised appearance, and swelling of the breast, which makes it look inflamed, hence the cancer’s name. The blocking of the lymph vessels by the cancer cells is the reason for both redness and swelling. Continual itching, a fast and constant increase in size of the breast, inverted nipples, tenderness, aches, heavy and burning sensations are all associated with Inflammatory breast cancer. Sometimes, the skin of the breast may also appear pitted, medically called peau d’orange, and this is due to swelling and accumulation of fluids. Also, the areola or the skin around the nipple can change in color, the skin of the nipple can swell, and lymph nodes on either side of the collarbone and under the arm can swell.

IBC is often misdiagnosed as mastitis, a breast cancer infection accompanied with redness and swelling of the breast. The most important thing to remember here is that symptoms persist even after two weeks of treatment for IBC, which is not the case with mastitis. It is also good to know that previous chest operations may partially block your breast lymph vessels, and this is not a breast cancer condition.

The treatment for Inflammatory breast cancer has greatly improved over the last few years. When the mortality rate used to be 100% few years back, today, around 60% women diagnosed with IBC live through their natural life-span. For treating IBC, a combination of therapies is required. Doctors usually start with chemotherapy and hormonal treatment, and follow it up with neoadjuvant therapy and mastectomy, after which, radiation therapy is highly recommended to prevent a recurrence of cancer.

The high mortality rate, the extensive treatments, the fear because of uncertainty of results, and all the other woes Inflammatory breast cancer can bring you will naturally put you down and scare you. Your fear is justified, but you must remember that technology has advanced exponentially over the last few years. If you keep hope, all the technology will just go into curing you.